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LAMPAIX’s Notable Works

The Lamp of Peace Program

Pursuant to our commitment of Promoting good governance, integrity building, transparency and accountability through radio and television programs, the signature Lamp of Peace Program was created.

Lamp of Peace, a radio program of 30 minutes duration, comprises a discussion around issues in peace and security education; mediation and conflict resolution; communication and mutual coexistence. Focused on Nigeria and current issues in society, each segment comprises an introduction of the issue; a 5-minute drama sketch; a discussion/ analysis of the issues arising from the drama, by eminent personalities who believe in, are reputed to, and /or work in creating a more peaceful society; and cap it off with a nugget: a coping strategy in conflict situations.

Overall objective: to address societal issues that affect peace and give a guidance to lasting peace in our society.

Activism to end Gender-Based Violence (GBV)

This involves advocacy on any theme decided by the United Nations social media, radio /television and news blogs from 25th November to 10th   December every year (ending with  Human Rights Day celebrations)

For example, the theme for 2017: Together we can end GBV in Education, our Executive Director, Ozioma Izuora stated that:

“Education is the panacea against Gender-Based Violence. Educated people are better equipped to ventilate and understand each other’s feelings; Accept equality better; and negotiate rights and duties better!”

We were also supported by Konra Adenaur Stiftung (KAS). KAS  provided a platform for LAMPAIX  to make presentations on Gender-Based Violence and Child’s Rights Act in their program – Vision Nigeria. LAMPAIX  also participated in KAS Civil Society Organization Roundtables. 

Sustainable Partnerships

Rights Enforcement and Public Law Centre in conjunction with the Nigeria Police Force, launched Police Order Number 20, on provision of legal services in police stations; and training meetings with police legal officers.

LAMPAIX is pleased to be part of a landmark move to place duty solicitors at police stations. This will help expedite justice delivery. 

LAMPAIX is part of the Partnership for Peace Coalition of Peace One Day.

LAMPAIX has engaged in other projects, and continues to promote collaborations with stakeholders, in line with the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) Number 17— Partnerships to achieve the Goal.

Forging partnerships with organizations, and individuals to actualize the SDGs. We expect more collaborations with like -minded individuals, sponsors, partners, and organisations, to promote mediation and conciliation, and to inculcate the ideology of peaceful coexistence.


Mediators & Advocates of Peace (LAMPAIX) is a non-governmental, non-profit making organisation devoted to the cause of building sustainable peace for development, and full enjoyment of human rights. It was co-founded by Ozioma Izuora, a veteran lawyer, Mediator and Arbitrator,  with long years of teaching youths in schools, having obtained a masters degree in Education, of Exeter University, England; and Rt. Hon Kanayo Oguakwa, a lawyer of repute and a two – term Member, of the House of Representatives of Nigeria.

LAMPAIX was incorporated in Nigeria, and launched in April 2005, with lectures delivered by accomplished practitioners on different aspects of peace building and conflict management. These lectures have been published in a book entitled ‘Peace Building Through Mediation’ which is a veritable reference material for all practitioners and researchers. Many students of higher institutions have found it invaluable in their research. The efforts of LAMPAIX was lauded by the President and Commander-in-Chief of the Federation of Nigeria, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, in a communication on the 19th of June 2006.

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